Signs That You Need New Doors and Windows

How to Determine If It’s Time to Call a Windows & Doors Contractor

Your doors and windows are part of your home’s architecture and design. This means that, in order to keep your home in good condition, you need to make sure that your doors and windows are properly taken care of. However, every door and window have their lifespan. Once they’ve reached the end of their lifespan, it’s better to replace them than to continue with repairs. Here are several signs that you may need to hire a windows & doors contractor.

Air drafts

Both, windows and doors play a crucial role in your home’s energy efficiency. Worn out doors may allow heat to escape, making your HVAC system work harder to keep your home comfortable. This means that your energy bills will become higher. A new set of doors and windows can do miracles for your heating and cooling system. You may be able to save considerable amounts of money in the form of saved energy; plus, you get to experience the many benefits of new doors and windows.

Squeaky hinges

Not only are they annoying, but squeaky hinges are also an indication that your doors may need to be replaced soon. Oiling and maintenance can only go so far. Hinges that are wearing down indicate that the window or door itself is not too far behind. Additionally, weak and worn out hinges render the entire door prone to house break ins.

Visible damage

Cracks not only make the door unsightly, but they also allow insects and bugs. Although there are many methods for fixing a cracked door, none of them guarantee long-term results. We strongly suggest that you start looking for a window and doors contractor in your area.

Buying a new door or window can be challenging. There are so many types, models, and designs to choose from and you can get easily overwhelmed by the multitude of options. Luckily, there are contractors out there who can help you choose the right type of door and window for your home and budget. Rock Chalk Exteriors is located in Lawrence KS, and we offer a wide variety of doors and windows for you to choose from. We also handle installation and maintenance. All you have to do is call us at (785) 842-7625.